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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Village's Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers help, guidance, and hope to those with mental health challenges. Think of IOP as a little bit more, or a little bit less. It can be the transition down from partial or inpatient hospitalization, or provide support to those exiting chemical dependency treatment with ongoing mental health needs. It can prevent a need for higher levels of care, providing temporary support when life gets overwhelming and individual counseling isn’t enough.  

IOP meets four days a week, three hours a day at The Village, 1201 25th St. S., Fargo. Morning and afternoon groups are available.

What is IOP like?

IOP is a confidential program during which clients receive education and support, develop coping skills, and problem solve life’s ongoing stress and challenges in a group setting. Education covers areas specific to client diagnosis and needs, such as wellness, medication management, self-care, relationships, communication, mindfulness, and safety planning. In addition to supporting our clients, we are available to educate and support their family and friends, as the client needs and wants. 

Read the IOP Brochure

IOP Client Testimonials

  • “The IOP program at The Village literally saved my life. After two serious suicide attempts, The Village was the first place (even after 21 days in inpatient) to tell me the seriousness of my actions and walk me through the steps to heal and move forward.”
  • “(IOP taught me) how to handle and cope with my anxiety, which helps with my depression. I am grateful for The Village and the counselors that have helped so much.”
  • “The IOP program at The Village provided me with all the resources I was seeking but didn’t get until I tried killing myself.”
  • “I am so relieved that this option is here, it feels like a literal life saver.”

IOP Basics

  • For adults with mental health needs
  • Facilitated by licensed, experienced behavior health professionals
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Medication management by a Clinical Nurse Specialist (Psychiatric), if needed
  • Multidisciplinary programming
  • Client able to return to own mental health professional upon discharge
  • Most insurances accepted, and payment plans available
  • No referral needed

For more information or an IOP assessment, call 701-451-4900 or email us.