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Let's Change North Dakota’s Binge-Drinking Reputation

Thursday, October 10, 2019
North Dakota is often labeled for its binge-drinking culture

How would you answer the question, “What makes North Dakota famous?” We are certainly famous for the weather and Bison football. Sadly, we are also known as the “booziest state in America” and a host of other unsavory labels related to a binge-drinking culture.

We can’t change the weather, but we can change our culture related to drinking.  

Binge drinking is defined as “drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks for males or 4 or more alcoholic drinks for females on the same occasion (i.e., at the same time or within a couple of hours of each other) on at least 1 day in the past month,” according to SAMHSA

If you think of an evening sitting in the bar or an afternoon at a tailgating event, you can see that the drinks can add up quickly and you would meet the criteria for a binge-drinking episode. We need to change our habits and gain new awareness about excessive alcohol consumption.

North Dakota is also getting attention nationally because of the efforts of First Lady Kathryn Burgum and discussions she hosts about supporting recovery and addiction education.

At a FMWF Chamber gathering in Fargo, she highlighted the efforts of the statewide education program called Recovery Reinvented. The First Lady told about her commitment to increase awareness and reduce stigma related to addiction treatment. Thanks to legislative action, the state of North Dakota has made access to treatment more affordable through funding called Substance Use Disorder voucher program, or SUD. 

We are working hard to step away from the reputation as “drunkest state in America.” First Step Recovery can help you and your family get involved in reducing the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Call 701-451-4900 today to find out about classes, evaluation, and treatment options, or contact us online