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Sober in the Summer: 5 Tips for Success

Monday, June 14, 2021
Maintaining sobriety in the summer can pose unique challenges

When you’re in recovery, every season (and month and week and day) poses its own challenges. Staying on a sober path can be especially daunting in summer, as outdoor get-togethers and holiday celebrations often involve alcohol. The hot weather, social time by the lake or pool, and overflowing coolers can be pitfalls if we’re not careful.

With a little preparation and thought, summer can be a time of celebration and sobriety. The next time you’re invited to a summer soiree, follow these 5 tips to reduce your chance of relapse:

  1. Bring your own non-alcoholic beverages. Make sure you have options that you enjoy and that will keep you hydrated. Serve yourself.
  2. Bring a friend who will support you. Utilize the buddy system for parties. If you’ll be on your own, ask someone to call you during the event to check-in.
  3. Plan sober activities or host your own event. Make your own fun. Schedule an outdoor adventure that doesn’t involve alcohol, or invite the gang to your house, where you can make sure the event is conducive to people in recovery.
  4. Remember to HALT. Never get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Check in with yourself and your needs regularly.
  5. Put your recovery first. Stay committed. Attend meetings more frequently. Say no to an invitation if it feels too risky. Have strategies in place to remove yourself from stressful or tempting situations.

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