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5 Ways to Better Manage and Express Your Emotions
Allowing yourself to feel positive and negative emotions and not dwelling on the negative feelings are ways to improve emotional wellness
When we understand why we feel the way we do, we can better express and manage emotions in our daily lives. This is called emotional wellness – one of seven dimensions of wellness. Village EAP Counselor Andrea Hanson researched ways we can achieve emotional wellness: Increase your awareness of your...
Embrace Conflict: Create a Culture of Controversy with Civility
When we trust and listen to one another, conflict can be productive and help us grow.
By Robert Jones | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute It seems like we as a society are more divided than ever, with arguments over politics, which football team is better, or whether pineapple belongs on pizza (I may lose some readers, but yes, it does) creating conflict. Conflict...
Would You Try These Bizarre Savings Ideas?
Cutting costs can help you save money for emergencies, paying off debt or other financial goals
The Village's Financial Counselors often talk with people about ideas for saving money. Over the years, they've heard a lot of ... interesting cost-cutting measures. Some may even be described as extreme penny-pinching. While we wouldn't recommend all of these – and they definitely haven't all been tested by our...
How School-Based Mental Health Expands Access and Improves Outcomes for Kids
Hannah Pederson provides school-based mental health counseling in Hawley MN
Nearly every week since he was in kindergarten, Toby* would have an outburst in class. Sometimes they were so intense, he’d bang his head against the desk until his nose bled. That changed in third grade, when Village Therapist Nicole Franklin , MSW, LCSW, began providing School-Based Mental Health Services...
There's No Guts or Confidence in Ghosting
Ghosting at work or in relationships may be a new trend but is not courageous
By John E. Trombley, MMgt | Consulting & Training Manager | The Village Business Institute I recently read a Steve Boese blog that described how the University of Alabama quarterbacks coach, Dan Enos, left in the middle of the night for a new coaching stint at the University of Miami...