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Recommended Books for Kids and Adults to Help Paint an Important Picture
Adoption can be complicated, beautiful, challenging, rewarding, consuming, humbling, and above all, life-changing. Adoption can help fulfill a family’s dream of raising a child and another family’s dream of giving their child more. Adoption can cause uncertainty and can be painful for all as the [...]
Answers to 5 Common Questions About SUDs and Families
Alcohol or drug use affects everyone around the person who is using the substance. Some research shows there are at least 12 people affected for every 1 person with a substance use disorder (SUD). Families are typically most affected, because of their day-to-day interactions with the person who has [...]
Tips for Co-Parenting After a Separation
Divorce is difficult for everyone in the family. The process can bring out the worst in people, and when separated parents struggle to get along, it can be especially hard on the kids. Younger children may display behaviors such as excessive crying, clinginess, or difficulty with transitions. It’s [...]
How a Mother and Son Found Healing through Recovery and Comfort in the Right Place
For years Nancy lived in fear. In silence. Worry-filled days and sleepless nights were her reality. Her son, Trevor*, was an alcoholic. He’d turned to alcohol to self-medicate his anxiety, only for things to get worse. Nancy tried to help. She pleaded and bartered with Trevor, but she couldn’t fix [...]
John Was Struggling and First Step Helped Him Walk on His Own
September is Recovery Month, a time to celebrate recovery and raise awareness that addiction is a treatable disease. John's story demonstrates that recovering from addiction is possible! John was struggling mightily. He had started drinking every day. He was at risk of losing his family, his [...]
Keep Yourself on the Right Path to Sober Living
You Can Still Have a Social Life When you’re in recovery, every season (and month and week and day) poses its own challenges. Staying on a sober path can be difficult, especially when going out with friends, getting together with family, or going to almost any event. You shouldn’t have to give up [...]
Clients of First Step Recovery Explain What Recovery Means to Them
September is Recovery Month! Recovery Month is the perfect time to recognize what recovering from substance use really means. Take a closer look at the effects of addiction and celebrate those who have started on the pathway to long-term sobriety. The Village’s First Step Recovery program provides a [...]
7 Tips for Practicing Radical Acceptance
Sometimes in life we end up in situations we can’t change. Radical acceptance is all about fully accepting reality in situations that are beyond your control. This doesn’t mean you approve of the situation, are giving up, or that it isn’t painful. You are still allowed to (and should!) feel however [...]
Try These Tips to Help Manage Your Anger and Keep Your Feelings Under Control
In challenging times, you may ­find that you have little patience with other people or get upset over minor things. Anger and frustration are complicated emotions that often stem from other feelings, like disappointment, fear, and stress. Taking some extra steps to decrease your overall tension can [...]