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Change is a guaranteed part of life. It’s something everyone experiences at one point or another – good or bad. Sometimes that change happens in big ways when we aren’t expecting it or aren’t prepared for it. These types of situations can make navigating your path forward really di­fficult. Adults...
Trauma takes many shapes and forms and affects our ability to cope
We all face trauma, adversity, and other stresses throughout our lives. When people think of trauma, they often think of things like abuse, terrorism, or catastrophic events (big ‘T’ trauma). Trauma can also be caused by events that may be less obvious but can still overwhelm your capacity to cope,...
A boy and girl sit on a couch looking at a baby doll.
By Kathryn Davis Tidd, MSW, LICSW | The Village Family Service Center The list of alternate (read: slang) names for genitals is endless. Some are cutesy (think snack foods) and others cringey, but the takeaway for me is this: How can we possibly know what a young child is referencing...
Jenn Wright photo collage
As though she were on autopilot, Jenn Wright drove to her favorite park, trying to find solace in nature. That day, the struggles were too great. Dark thoughts started to seep in. “I was so sad and lonely and felt like there was nobody who cared ,” she says. Jenn...
Financial Literacy
It’s never too late to educate yourself on how you can improve your financial future. Our Financial Resource Center created a comprehensive list full of advice and education on how you can make the most of your money and set yourself up for financial success. Whether you’re in debt, need...