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Even Imperial Troopers Need Good Mental Health Care
Darth Vader and snowtroopers stand by The Village sign
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of good mental health. It's also the month of Star Wars Day, May the Fourth (be with you). We decided to have a little fun, and created this mini movie. A special thank you...
Spring into Mindfulness
A woman appreciates the bluebells growing in a field.
By Stephanie Schafer , M.Ed., LPC EAP Counselor As spring comes into full bloom, it often brings a sense of renewed energy. The season brings to mind spring cleaning and becoming more active and involved. It means the end of school for the year is near, and we begin thinking...
The Impact of Addiction on the Family
Addiction affects the entire family.
By Mary Jo Hansen, M.Ed., LPC/LAC/MAC First Step Recovery When a family member is in serious trouble, many families will go to any length to help the one they love. It’s like their battle cry, whether spoken or unspoken, is, “All for one, and one for all.” Unfortunately, with the...
From All Walks of Life: Village IOP Saves Lives
IOP clients come from all walks of life.
"IOP changed my life in the best way possible." – Intensive Outpatient Program client Clients of The Village’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Fargo come from all walks of life. Professionals. Unemployed. Stay-at-home moms. Homeless. By the end of their time in the program, they’ve found they are a lot...
How Journaling Changed My Life – And Can Change Yours
A woman records her thoughts in a journal
By John E. Trombley, MMgt Consulting & Training Manager, The Village Business Institute For many people the act of reflectively writing about life’s daily lessons is strangely close to that of having a root canal. Suddenly, all coherent thought evaporates as the memories of lessons learned become lost in the...