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woman holding pregnancy test
1 in 4 American teenagers will experience pregnancy in their teenage years 1 Finding out you are pregnant or becoming a teenage father can be extremely overwhelming. You may feel confused, scared, happy or excited. All of these emotions are normal and may change many times before birth. You may...
Holiday Saving's
With major holidays fast approaching, finances might be on your mind. Figuring out how you’ll afford holiday expenses can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating and sticking to a holiday budget is an attainable goal that even you (someone who has maybe never budgeted before!) can accomplish...
Mom listening to daughter
You’ve noticed changes in your teenager’s sleeping or eating habits. Their energy level has dropped, and their grades are slipping. Even their personality seems different; maybe your once jovial child isn’t displaying their usual sense of humor. When parents notice warning signs like these, the first place to start is...
Man at Computer
Anxiety surrounding money is hard on a person's mental health, and having mental health hardships can be tough on your wallet , as well. According to , nearly half (46%) of people with problematic debt live with a mental health concern. Money issues and poor mental health can go...
Pregnancy can be scary, especially when it is unplanned
You’re pregnant. Now what? Finding out you are pregnant unexpectedly can be so overwhelming . Every woman who is pregnant is scared at times. Feeling scared is normal, and there can be a variety of reasons for feeling this way. Some common fears are: Telling people about your pregnancy Telling...