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Building a Company Culture Involves Everyone
All employees play a role in creating culture and making sure expectations are met.
By Robert Jones | EAP Trainer | The Village Business Institute We’ve all seen taglines and slogans created to entice and even manipulate our perception. Haagen-Dazs uses the line “Pleasure is the path to joy” to encourage us to seek happiness in a pint of double fudge chocolate. Hallmark tries...
How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids
Parents can use strategies to reduce yelling at their kids
Moms yell. Dads yell. And most of us feel pretty guilty after losing our cool. How we handle conflict teaches our children how to handle conflict as well. Do we want our children yelling at their friends? What life lessons do we teach when we respond to them that way?...
Learn to Speak Your Partner's Love Language
Hearts are strung in front of a blue backdrop. Valentine's Day can be a good time to work on strengthening your relationship.
By Darren Carter | EAP Clinical Supervisor | The Village Valentine’s Day tends to be a time for people to focus on their relationship with their significant other. Perhaps you feel out of touch with your partner, and want to take steps to improve that relationship. A necessary component to...
It’s Never Too Late to Capture Missed Opportunities
Choosing the right direction in life is simple but not easy
By John E. Trombley, MMgt Man, if I only knew then what I know now, I’d be … rich, married to the ‘right person’, successful, happy … You fill in the blank. It seems we all have 20/20 hindsight telling us where we “missed it” and, in my experience, that...
Will You Be Our Giving Hearts Day Valentine?
Count me to be a Giving Heart on February 14, 2019
One month from today is Giving Hearts Day 2019 ! Each year, the generosity shown during this annual 24-hour online giving event grows. This truly is the most generous region on the planet! For The Village, this event means more people can access counseling services . More children can be...