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7 Gifts that Promote Good Mental Health

Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Man giving a gift

Does someone in your life need a little pick-me-up? A gift from the heart can go a long way in showing a friend or family member that you care. Picking out gifts for others can be difficult, but one place to start is by purchasing gifts that prioritize mental health and encourage acts of self-care. Here are a few suggestions that are sure to give back this year. 

  1. Journal. Taking up journaling as a practice can create meaningful habits. Journaling allows for people to have a designated space for them to voice their emotions and daily experiences without guidelines or judgment.  
  2. Weighted Blanket. Weighted blankets can provide a feeling of safety and help alleviate anxiety in children and adults. Many say that using a weighted blanket feels like a “constant hug.” 
  3. Essential Oil Diffuser. Essential oil diffusers can bring peace and serenity. Pair the diffuser with some stress-relieving oils such as lavender or bergamont, then you have a great gift that will allow for someone to sit back, relax, and enjoy some quiet time. 
  4. Adult Coloring Book. Gifts that are a creative outlet, like coloring books, provide people with an activity that helps them disconnect from the stressors and noise of everyday life. Don’t forget colored pencils! 
  5. Stress Relief Tea. Tea is not the answer to life’s problems, but preparing a cup of stress-relief tea, like chamomile or peppermint, is a small self-care ritual that can go a long way. 
  6. Subscription Service. Purchasing a year-long subscription for someone is a unique gift that shows you care. A music or TV streaming service, meditation app, or weekly meal delivery subscription are suggestions that can help make life a little bit easier.
  7. Light Therapy Lamp. A light therapy lamp is an especially thoughtful gift if you have a loved one who is impacted by seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression. Light therapy lamps mimic outdoor light, and can *provide a little “sunshine” on a cloudy day. 

The holiday season can bring on stress and worry, so don’t be too hard on yourself to find the absolute perfect gift. No matter what you decide to give this holiday season, remember that one of the most impactful and meaningful gifts of all is your support.