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Through frequent articles, blogs and video recordings, staff of The Village Business Institute share their expertise on a variety of issues related to wellbeing and the workplace. Use the links below to access these resources. 

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Recorded Trainings

How a Sense of Belonging Creates Stronger Organizations: One of the most significant ways to build and maintain a strong organizational culture is to help members of your organization build an emotional connection to the people and the company. This can also be known as creating a sense of belonging, where people feel connected, supported, accepted, valued, and respected. The training session with EAP Trainer Robert Jones examines what it means to have a sense of belonging and how it can affect an organization; considers the key components needed to develop a sense of belonging; and outlines ways leaders foster an environment that is conducive to creating a sense of belonging in employees.

Empathy in the Workplace: Village EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle explores the role empathy plays in creating happier, healthier, more effective organizations.

Dealing with Procrastination: The pandemic has brought to light a struggle that most every person deals with … procrastination. While we may think that procrastination is a time management problem, it may be a sign of something deeper. Robert Jones, an EAP Trainer with The Village Business Institute, examines what procrastination is, how it can affect us, and what we can do to stay active to maintain a level of effectiveness while taking care of ourselves.

Generation Z in the Workforce: There is a new generation of employees entering the job market and they have to potential to reshape the culture of an organization. In this training with Robert Jones, an EAP Trainer with The Village Business Institute, we are going to examine who Generation Z is and how they can impact the workplace. We will look at how organizations can attract and retain these employees.

Employee Burnout and Fatigue: Over 70% of employees report they are experiencing burnout. Especially in challenging times, it is crucial to be able to recognize burnout and fatigue and know how we can prevent it moving forward. EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle discusses how burnout and fatigue affects us and teaches participants how to recognize signs and symptoms of burnout and prevent it.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Although domestic and family violence may be happening outside of work hours and not inside your workplace, those living with violence in their home can suffer in a variety of other areas in their life. This training, presented by EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle, shares how you can recognize and respond appropriately to employees, colleagues or clients who may be showing signs of domestic and family violence, and how you can refer them to appropriate supports available and assist in supporting safer communities.

7 Ways to Develop as a Leader: Many times, we are thrust into a positional leadership role which can inhibit team success. In this training session, Robert Jones shares seven ways to develop leadership skills so you can empower your teams, create buy-in, and fuel success for years to come. 

Resiliency: Do you ever wonder how your co-workers can remain optimistic and bounce back from yesterday's stressors? With this past year being one for the history books let's discuss the importance of resiliency and putting it into practice. In this training, presented by Nancy Boyle of The Village Business Institute, you will learn how to define resiliency and put its components into practice. 

Work-Life Blend: Have you ever felt guilty taking a personal call at work, or a work call at home, because you are trying to balance all aspects of life? Are your attempts to balance the various aspects of life leaving you feel more stressed? This webinar, presented by EAP Trainer Robert Jones, introduces the idea of work-life blend, a concept that focuses on integration instead of compartmentalizing.

The Platinum Rule: We each have our own idea as to what respect is. In today's world, it is important to be able to communicate and connect authentically. Learning how to use the Platinum Rule and Platinum Communication will help you transform your thinking and creates new possibilities. In this Business Bite presentation, Nancy Boyle discusses the importance and need for respect in the workplace and how the Platinum Rule can transform our work culture.

How to Be Successful When Goal Setting: Every new year brings new personal and professional goals. In this Business Bite training seminar, Robert Jones shares what we can do to improve our chances of successfully completing these goals. He breaks down the SMART goal concept and outlines some techniques that will allow us to successfully complete our goals for the new year.

Making Positivity a Habit: The greatest influencer of our attitude is us. We get to choose how we see the world, how we interact with the people around us, and the impact that we have on our co-workers. In this Business Bite seminar, Village EAP Trainer Robert Jones examines the influence of our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Participants consider some techniques for developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude and examine how to embody positivity and how this can influence the culture of an organization.

Culture of Gratitude: As we enjoy the fall season, stories of kindness and gratitude begin to circulate. Why does this theme resonate so powerfully among us? Statistics show that expressing gratitude not only improves your ability to divert behaviors like fear, blame, and anxiety, it’s also an important tool in driving workplace productivity. In this Business Bite seminar, Village EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle talks about the importance of gratitude in the workplace and how to create a culture of gratitude in your organization.

How to Prepare for Holiday Stress: Jingle Bells or Bah Humbug? The holiday season can be an incredibly stressful time for people. With increasing expectations, more obligations placed on our limited time, and family struggles, this time of year places a lot of pressure on people. EAP Trainer Robert Jones identifies some of the bigger stressors we face during the holiday season, examines how holiday stress affects us and outlines some technique for preparing for and dealing with the holiday season and the stress that can arise.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence: As emotions ultimately drive performance, reading and influencing others’ emotions are essential leadership skills. In this Business Bite training session, Village EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle discusses what emotional intelligence is and how it impacts business and leadership effectiveness. She shares how to boost your social awareness by utilizing techniques for recognizing emotional states in others and how to enhance relationship management skills by using techniques for empathetic listening.

EAP: The Hidden Powerhouse in Your Organization: In today’s work climate, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is arguably one of the most critical benefits for your organization and your employees, yet if you’re not taking advantage of the array of services that an EAP offers, or your employees are unaware of the benefit, the program will be underutilized. Learn how to get the “best bang for your buck!” and ultimately, how to best serve your employees through an EAP.

Substance Use Awareness Amid COVID-19: As part of Recovery Month, our presenters discuss healthy vs. negative coping skills, low-risk vs. high-risk drinking and options for support. Handouts for this webinar can be downloaded using the links below.

Understanding Mental Health: Supporting Your Team's Well-Being: Mental health and well-being of employees is key for an organization's success. Village EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle and Julie Vandrovec talk about how you can help someone who may be suicidal, combat mental health stigma, support your team and become more cognizant of their needs.


Effectively Communicating in Stressful Times: In times of heightened stress, communication issues can arise which can lead to misunderstanding and internal conflict. This installment of The Business Bite looks at the effects of stress on our communication, considers the barriers in our communication and explores what we can do to become more effective communicators through establishing boundaries and listening. 

Back to Work | Tips for the New Norm: In this installation of The Business Bite, Village EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle discusses the realities of transitioning back into our everyday lives as communities, organizations, and workplaces begin to open up again after coronavirus-related closures. She shares some tips to successfully adjust to this new normal.

Supporting Your Team: Uncertain times heightens stress and anxiety. As employees around the world struggle to decide whether they should continue to work remotely or return to the office, how can supervisors and leaders support our staff through this disorienting time? EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle discuss common reactions to uncertainty and helps the viewer understand its effects on the workplace. She offers signs to watch for, as well as tools to support your team and decrease workplace anxiety and stress.​

Acknowledging Loss and Celebrating Milestones: Spring and summer are typically filled with joyous milestones and celebratory events. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these celebrations are being canceled or postponed. Cole Brunner and Robert Jones of The Village Business Institute examine the need to grieve the loss of these traditional celebrations as well as the need to find new and different manners to celebrate the milestones. They offer resources and ideas for how to make sure the day remains special. This training is the third installation in The Business Bite series by The Village Business Institute.

Positively Navigating Change: Change consists of different stages, each of these stages affects us as individuals and organizations. EAP Trainer Robert Jones examines how to address the stages of change and ways to move through change in a positive manner. This training is the second installation in The Business Bite series by The Village Business Institute.

Self-Care for the Remote Worker: In the first session of The Business Bite, EAP Trainer Nancy Boyle talks about the dimensions of wellness and the importance of establishing boundaries when working from home.

Articles by Village Staff

Newspaper article and a computer

  • There's No Guts or Confidence in Ghosting – Is leaving a job or relationships without so much as an "I'm outta here!" a display of guts and courage? To me, it’s an issue of integrity, or the lack thereof. 
  • It's Never Too Late to Capture Missed Opportunities – Saying "yes" to one thing means we are saying "no" to something else. If we realize that the direction we are taking does not leads us to a destination we want, we can make a conscious decision to go another way.
  • Freedom within the Guidelines – There is freedom in obedience. There is freedom within the boundaries. And where there is freedom, there is pleasure, joy, laughter, and peace.
  • Examining Our Unconscious Bias – As our communities and workplaces continue to evolve and become more diverse, we need to pay attention to what professional practices may need to change along the way. We need to examine our unconscious bias. Unconscious bias includes the social stereotypes about certain groups of people that we form outside our own conscious awareness. Another definition: Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared to another.
  • Digging Deeper Into Unconscious Bias – When looking at an employee lifecycle, we need to look through an unbiased lens. So how do we get there? The next step is being able to label what types of bias are likely to occur that affect not just our personal life but the workplace.
  • How Journaling Changed My Life – And Can Change Yours – Self-awareness is the key to emotionally intelligent decision-making and relationship development, both at the personal and professional levels. Journaling helps us to get clear on our own emotional state, wrestle with root causes of our own undesirable and unhealthy behaviors, and unlock our potential to do good in the world.

  • Choosing Positivity, Even When Winter Won't End – We can blame our attitudes on the weather, lack of Vitamin D, our introversion, or being sleepy, but the truth is we have the ability to control our attitude. In fact, there are people (me included) that believe we choose our attitude, because we choose how we react to people.

  • Accountability Isn't for the Timid – If we as supervisors want our employees to take responsibility for doing what they are supposed to be doing, then we must model it ourselves.

  • Feeling Sleepy? It Could Be Dangerous For You And Your Workplace  Ever nodded off in the middle of a conversation? Briefly closed your eyes – at work – and jerked awake moments later when your head hit the desk? It’s called sleep deprivation, and it affects millions of workers in our country.

  • How to Make Meetings Feel Less Like a Root Canal – Meetings are vital to the success of an organization. The issue is how to move a meeting from being compared to a tooth extraction to a significant part of the growth and development process.

  • The Challenges of Work-Life Balance (and Why We're Not Fruit on a Scale) – For one person, being balanced is a different experience than that of another person. That is, what you consider to be balanced may not fit my circumstances at all. It’s a matter of personal priorities.

  • Boundaries Are Necessary In All Relationships  Boundaries serve to protect both us and the people around us. They ensure we maintain proper respect for other people, and that we don’t take ownership over something that doesn’t belong to us. 

  • Support, Communication + Recognition: Lead Through Influence, No Matter Your Title – True leadership is not based on a position, rank, or years of experience. True leadership comes from an individual’s wiliness to invest and grow people. An individual can lead from any position in an organization.

  • It's Time to Embrace Diversity in the Workplace  It is time to embrace the idea and importance of diversity in the workplace because the landscape of workplaces is changing.

  • 5 Reasons Diversity Benefits Your Workplace – Hostile stereotypes negate an individual person’s experiences. This is problematic because those unique experiences can benefit your workplace.

  • This Is The Year to Achieve Your Goals – According to Business Insider, approximately 80% of New Year resolution goals fail by the end of February. You don’t need to fall into that statistic. Here are some tips to keep you focused on your New Year’s resolution.

  • What’s Your Frame for Change?  Why does a picture of change often look so dark? It may have something to do with how you frame the impending changes.

  • Once Upon a Time: How Stories Make the Workplace More Engaging – Stories and storytelling are all around us and have been part of the human experience from the very beginning of language. How can we tap into the power of storytelling in a practical way? How can we incorporate storytelling at work productively?

  • Why That Leadership Book Won't Make You a Better Leader – Leadership has become a billion dollar industry with books, videos, trainings and workshops offered all over the world. While these authors and hundreds like them have written some good books, each describes leadership from his or her perspective.

  • Welcome to the 'Guilts': Here's How to Learn From It and Let Go – Ever feel like you’re not enough? Not doing enough, not saying the right things, not keeping in touch the way you envision, not living up to the perfection your friends or family seem to effortlessly display? Welcome to the “guilts.

  • Weathering Life’s Storms – Could it be that we are meant to “enjoy” the chaos just as much as the calm? Could it be that we learn more about ourselves and about the ones we surround ourselves with when we travel through the storm together than we do when the sun is shining and the breeze is soft on our cheeks?

Video Blogs

Engaged Employees, Motivated Employees: How to Move Beyond Carrots and Sticks

First Things First: Why You Should Manage Your Priorities, Not Your Time

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First: The Importance of Self-Care

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