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Addiction Services

Addiction hurts. We're here to help.

Alcoholism and other substance use disorders are physical, emotional, social, and spiritual disorders. They are characterized by excessive, compulsive, and uncontrolled use of alcohol and/or other drugs that affect not only the person who is dependent, but also family members and significant others. We believe that these are treatable illnesses and take a holistic approach to addiction treatment.

The Village offers chemical dependency assessment and evaluation; if you are covered by The Village's Employee Assistance Program, addiction assessments and education are available at no cost to you. We have several licensed addiction counselors on staff, as well as a licensed addiction treatment facility, First Step Recovery in Fargo, which provides comprehensive, confidential outpatient treatment of alcoholism and other drug dependency for adults.

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At First Step, our addiction specialists work closely with registered nurses to identify and manage underlying issues that often accompany addiction. Our Clinical Nurse Specialist provides comprehensive psychiatric care, including medication management. We offer all levels of outpatient treatment and work in cooperation with the patient's primary care clinician. We accept most private insurance plans and are an approved provider for the ND Substance Use Disorder Voucher Program. We have a free family program for loved ones of those in treatment at First Step. We also provide hospital consultation services and public education and training. To reach First Step Recovery, call 701-451-4900 or contact First Step online.

For other information, call 800-627-8220 or visit our contact us page.

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