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4 Mental Health Challenges Employees That Cause Stress at Work and How Employers Can Help
The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. That is equivalent to 11,250 8-hour workdays. It’s safe to say that your job and workplace can have a considerable impact on your mental health and quality of life. If employees are experiencing a lot of stress at work, they're [...]
What Exactly Is Diversity and Why Is It Good for the Workplace?
Violence at political rallies, videos of individuals shouting racist hatred, or images of hate scrolled on a building have brought the topic of diversity to the forefront of the nation’s conscious. Diversity has become a key societal discussion, and an increasingly important topic in the workplace [...]
How Old Should My Child Be Before I Can Leave Them for a Few Minutes?
The answer to this question depends on so many variables, so it's not possible to determine an overall age for when a child should be allowed to play outside alone. Consider the following factors as a guideline when you are deciding when it’s safe to let your child play outside alone. 4 Factors to [...]
Tips for Focusing on the Manageable Things in Uncertain Times
Uncertainty can make us feel stressed and vulnerable to the world. Our brain equates uncertainty and the unknown with danger, causing our stress reactions to kick in and anxiety levels to increase. It's important to remember that even though we can't control everything around us, we can control [...]
Learn About Cognitive Distortions and How to Challenge Them
It’s easy to fall into negative thinking patterns and spend time bullying yourself, dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. It’s part of how we’re wired – the human brain reacts more intensely to negative events than to positive ones and is more likely to remember insults than praise [...]
Why Parents Need to Use Anatomically Correct Names
The list of alternate (read: slang) names for genitals is endless. Some are cutesy (think snack foods) and others cringey, but the takeaway for me is this: How can we possibly know what a young child is referencing when they talk about their genitalia with code names? We can’t. Research over the [...]
Read Jenn's Story About How Counseling Helped Improve Her Life
As though she were on autopilot, Jenn Wright drove to her favorite park, trying to find solace in nature. That day, the struggles were too great. Dark thoughts started to seep in. “I was so sad and lonely and felt like there was nobody who cared,” she says. Jenn called her mom, who told her she [...]
Communicate Better with Your Partner, Cherish Each Other More, & Build a Stronger Relationship
Couples today may experience less satisfaction in their marriage as compared to their parents, research shows. One report indicated a 42 percent dip in satisfaction! One factor may be related to having kids later in life, and feeling more social pressure to provide the best of everything. However [...]
Podcasts, Books, and Influencers to Help Grow Your Finance Knowledge
It’s never too late to educate yourself on how you can improve your financial future. Our Financial Resource Center created a comprehensive list full of advice and education on how you can make the most of your money and set yourself up for financial success. Whether you’re in debt, need help [...]