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Counseling for Adults


Counseling can be a safe space to process your thoughts and feelings. It's a way to improve your overall sense of health and wellbeing. Counselors are neutral, outside sources of support. They can affirm what you are feeling, provide encouragement, and offer coping skills, such as how to manage your anxiety, communicate more assertively, or grieve in a healthy manner. It's confidential – you are in charge of the information you share. 

The Village Family Service Center's licensed professional counselors provide individual and group counseling for adults dealing with a variety of issues: 

... and many other issues that prevent adults from living the best life possible.

If you're not sure you need counseling, think about it as a health check-up instead of a visit because something went wrong. You wouldn't wait until your car breaks down on the side of the road to take it in for a tune-up. Neither should you wait until you are feeling broken to seek counseling services.

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Relationships between couples always have room to grow. In the course of daily life, there are bound to be moments of confrontation and aggravation with your spouse or significant other. So, in addition to working with individuals, The Village is also here to work with couples.

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Contact The Village Family Service Center office nearest you to find a counselor who can work with you on the challenges you face.