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When Newlyweds Needed Budget Help, Alicia Was There
A woman puts changes into a piggy bank
A chronic medical condition, student loans, and some poor budgeting – “just really being a dummy” – had left Julie, of West Fargo, ND, with $25,000 in debt and a credit report in need of repair. She and her husband knew what they needed to do. They’d researched Dave Ramsey’s...
Building on Strengths
Utilizing employee strengths can be beneficial for organizations.
My wife loves StrengthsFinder so much that one year she gave me the assessment codes for my birthday. CliftonStrengths scientifically assesses how individuals excel. This is not a BuzzFeed survey that tells you which Harry Potter house you would live in, or what Avenger best represents your personality. This is...
From Hardships to Healing
Joshua in the IOP room 2018
Joshua Grondahl has had many losses in his life. Even at a young age he suffered from depression. He attempted suicide in sixth grade. The years 2015 to 2017 came many hardships. He lost his dad. His house burned down. He divorced. He felt the ultimate low and knew he...
Healthy Boundaries Help Relationships
Healthy boundaries allow us to love one another and ourselves
By Stephanie Schafer, M.Ed., LPC, NCC Village EAP Counselor Love with limits. This is a phrase I use often in my counseling practice. It refers to healthy boundaries set in relationships with those close to us. I can love a friend, with limits. I can love a child, with limits...
Why Holly Runs for Recovery
Holly Heiser at the 2017 Michael Kaspari Memorial Run for Recovery
Holly Heiser runs for recovery. Sept. 22 marks three years of sobriety for Holly, a Moorhead woman who sought treatment for her addiction from First Step Recovery . "I can't believe my life has gone the direction it has. I have been given a huge gift, I got my life...