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Two men talking
Eyes wandering out the window, daydreaming about what you’re going to do later, or asking somebody to repeat themselves because you missed what they just said – we’ve all been there. One social habit that most of us can improve upon is listening . When you listen to someone with...
Harper received school-based mental health services from The Village
Harper Woltjer’s struggles with school-related anxiety started in kindergarten and worsened each year. Her tummy hurt every day. She didn’t want to ride the bus or go to school. This shy, artistic girl would cry and work herself up to the point of vomiting. By second grade, her Mooreton, ND,...
Man giving a gift
Does someone in your life need a little pick-me-up? A gift from the heart can go a long way in showing a friend or family member that you care. Picking out gifts for others can be difficult, but one place to start is by purchasing gifts that prioritize mental health...
Supportive Friend
We often hear people say, “If you need help, just reach out.” But how can we possibly ask for help when we feel we’re at our worst? Reaching out is a skill we are expected to know, but is often not modeled for us. When you’re in a negative mental...
Holiday Stress
Holidays are a time to celebrate with your loved ones, take a break from work, and exchange personally selected gifts. Holidays can also bring great stress. Maybe you’re juggling buying those thoughtful gifts for your family members, finishing up that end-of-year report at work, and trying to make your house...