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Meet Our Providers

Adam Priebnow
Location: Fargo
I am a primary counselor in the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program at First Step Recovery . In addition to being the IOP group facilitator, I also see patients on an individual basis, provides educational lectures, and completes chemical dependency evaluations...Read more
Carrie Simonson
Location: Fargo
My primary duties at First Step Recovery include providing nursing services for the Intensive, Outpatient Treatment Program, facilitating educational lectures, and overseeing the drug screening process. I am also the nurse liaison for the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) at The...Read more
Gail Nelson, First Step Recovery director
M.Ed., LPC
Location: Fargo
Our human experience is painful and joyful. My education and career has been focused on helping people in pain and amplifying when things are working well. Scott Peck said "life is difficult," so building a skill set to deal with...Read more
Location: Fargo, Location: Fargo
I am the Intensive Outpatient Program supervisor and therapist for The Village Family Service Center. I also serve as chemical dependency consult liaison at a local hospital system through First Step Recovery , and teach substance abuse classes to University...Read more
Kristie Spooner, licensed addiction counselor
Location: Fargo
I attended University of Mary in Bismarck, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in social work with a minor in addiction studies. I obtained my license for addiction counseling. I currently work at First Step Recovery with those who...Read more
Leah Flaskerud
Location: Fargo
I have always had a great compassion for patients with behavioral health challenges, especially when they have a co-occurring substance abuse problem. It’s very rewarding to be an advocate for this population and be a part of their journey to...Read more
Mary Jo Hansen
Location: Fargo
I've worked at First Step Recovery since 2012, and provide educational lectures and facilitation of individual and group therapy for patients and their families. I also serve on First Step's leadership team, and am responsible for research and development and...Read more
Patti Senn
Location: Fargo
I have worked in the addiction field since 2002, and at First Step Recovery since 2003. In addition to facilitating primary treatment, I am also responsible for the program's quality assurance and accreditation and serve on First Step's leadership team...Read more
Paul Schumm, First Step Recovery
Location: Fargo
I graduated with a degree in Social Work from MSUM in 2015. This was done at age 43 with a bit of trepidation on my part, making a commitment to four years of college. I was interested in the field...Read more
Location: Fargo
I have worked at First Step Recovery since 2001, and have been a Licensed Addiction Counselor since 1991. My primary responsibility is to provide chemical dependency consult services for a local hospital. I am responsible for making recommendations and coordinating...Read more
Rebecca Elbert, CNS
Location: Fargo
I have 37 years of experience as a nurse, the last 12 years as an advance practice nurse in adult mental health. I provide medication management for mood disorders, anxiety, and ADHD. I have an interest in working with individuals...Read more
Tonya Sorenson, First Step Recovery licensed addiction counselor
Location: Fargo
The work we do as addiction counselors with First Step Recovery is a blessing, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to be part of so many individual journeys. I have been working in the field of substance...Read more